From the Dawn of time within Humankind’s ability to remember and recall things of the past: religions, philosophies, dogmas, superstitions, ideologies, conceptual ideas, beliefs, and faith in things beyond what the immediate primordial senses can testify to, has been a paramount ingredient to what makes each person unique within the infrastructures of their own self-made perceptions of identity.

Righteousness has become a pursuit that many a person hath embarked upon as a spiritual quest and goal worth achieving. Whether the individual seeks to do unto others as they would have others do unto them, or whether they seek to simplify the beliefs of others who existed before them, the light of life and truth remains a guiding force within the each of us. Our actions may not always best reflect the totality of what it is we innately know to be perfect. Yet, by and through the persistent acknowledgements of a self-governed accountability and responsibility in our every thought, word, deed, and action, we remain steadfast in pushing onward and upward unto the mark of that great perfection. It is an understanding of reality worth pursuing by every noble heart and mind, respectfully.

Every person has spiritual needs that must be met. We seek to fulfill as many of these needs that we are able to fulfill. This is not an easy task with the magnitude of diversity in beliefs and philosophical stances within life, which many take as a way of satisfying the feeling of‘belonging’. Although we fully understand that every need cannot be met to the degrees in which every person will be completely satisfied with our approach and or efforts, we still seek to reach as many individuals as possible that we may be a direct part of encouraging and instilling a positive reformational change in their lives, one heart at a time.

Evolution brings many changes within the each of us as we steadily grow into the becoming of our destined selves. Some of us, though steadily being on the path of evolution, are actually devolving in body, mind, spirit, and soul. Our hunger for being anywhere but here grows stronger with each pursuit realized to be emptied of fulfillment. As if to be hedonistic we seek to consume and/or partake in anything that brings an immediate sense of satisfaction and pleasure to our physical/spiritual senses. This is neither right nor wrong; it just is.

Devolvement takes on many forms of experience. For the most part, it effects the each of us with an inner sense and feeling that we interpret as being hopeless, ambitionless, prideless, courageless, and other self-negating descriptives that leave us searching for the answers to‘why me’,‘why you’, & why us’, or just‘why’ anything. There is no simple solution to an experience that the mind creates, and makes out to be a problem, other than understanding the way back to the neutral-state of the experience wherein the misinterpretation of the experience began. ALLOVEODE, by each and every member therein, seeks to help each person within the world as a whole to find the joy and peace within the heart center; a neutral peaceful place of spiritually-based peace, love, safety, and security. Regardless of the varying diversities in each person’s belief systems, ALLOVEODE seeks to encourage a unanimous unification of spiritual intent that we may all humbly strive for the same goals, achievements, accomplishments, pursuits, and visions in a like-minded/like-hearted way.

Only the sincere at heart can truly understand the divinities of knowing a deep thankfulness for needs, desires, and wishes fulfilled. All too often we, as a humanitarian whole through each individual expression of self, feel that we fall short of reaching, achieving, and/or even being the perfect example to others. Some of us do not even feel or think the need to be an example to anyone. For those types of people reality has a totally different appearance and presentation of experience. Nevertheless, irregardless of what our preconditioned beliefs are, it is imperative that we are able to reach some commonality amongst what we hope to achieve in our own lives and the lives of others, respectfully. Each individual is free to think and believe as they desire. It is neither the intent nor the motive of ALLOVEODE’s founders and/or members to convert, indoctrinate, and/or force any person to change their beliefs and or self-made decisions to live according to some specific belief-system. ALLOVEODE’s founders, do however, seek to encourage others to foster within their self the desire to seek the most effective and efficient way of thought, word, deed, and action; that we may all reflect a genuine love and appreciation for one another as a whole, as a humanity, for each other. Money does not maintain the bridge of love, truth, and honor between the hearts and minds of those whom seek to help others in achieving their goals and/or satisfying various needs.

Money does however help in the creation of that which makes reaching out to others easier and faster. Money, in and of itself like any other thing, can be used for the greater good of love and/or hate. The intent behind how money is used may vary from person to person based upon their motives and beliefs. The founders and members of ALLOVEODE seek to use money as a tool to help facilitate a reformation of purpose, desire, and destiny for each person, respectfully. No person can be forced to give, just as no person can be forced to receive. The bridge of understanding can only be crossed between one or more hearts and minds once the commonality of needs, visions, desires, dreams, and/or intentions has been achieved. There is a freedom in the genuine sincerity of helping others. We make this freedom available to all humankind by extending love, peace, truth, loyalty, and righteousness to each person we have the honor of communicating with, respectfully.